Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success | Louise Evans

I have a story to tell you from my personal life. And I was trying to build a stronger relationship with a very important person, the daughter of my partner, 20-year-old daughter. To do that, I thought, “Let’s have a great evening out, just the two girls together.”

Video Transcript

Translator: Hui chu Chen I’d like to introduce you to these five chairs because they are actually the real protagonists of my talk. They have a special message to give to all of us, and the message is about what behaviors and attitudes we bring into the world in every moment. Now, to show you what I mean, I have a story to tell you from my personal life. And I was trying to build a stronger relationship with a very important person, the daughter of my partner, 20-year-old daughter. To do that, I thought, “Let’s have a great evening out, just the two girls together.” And I chose a special venue, the Blue Note Jazz Club in Milan. That night, the Manhattan Transfer, which is my favorite jazz group, were playing. So, we meet, atmosphere is fantastic. We are getting on very well, and I’m happy. Being a baby boomer, loving the music, I thought, “Well, is she liking it as much as I am?” So in that moment, I just turned to look at her to check. And what did I see? I saw this. She was on her iPhone. Now, how to react? I had some choices. First choice. Excuse me. What is she doing? She’s on her iPhone. I mean, I spent all this time and money thinking of a fantastic evening, I bring her here, and what? After two minutes I take my eyes off her, and she’s on her phone? I mean, what is wrong with this generation? I mean, they got the attention span of a fruit fly, for God’s sake. (Sighing) Choice number two. This was a mistake. (Laughter) Why did I bring her here? I mean, she’s bored; she’s not interested; she doesn’t like the music. What was I thinking? I mean: Why should she like the music? I mean, this is stuff for baby boomers. She probably thinks she’s spending the evening with a dinosaur. Oh, God! Choice number three. Hold your horses. Count to ten. T prd/gFdrbethrob_real oeck. Andlck()})),es. Count to ten. T prd/gFdrbethrob_c. Whone? Ig her hthreck. Andlck()})),es. Count to ten. T prd/gFdrbethrob_c. Whone? Ig her hthreck. 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