God Made Me, The Safe Touch Coloring Book

God Made Me: The Safe Touch Coloring Book

The Safe Touch Coloring BookConversations About Sexual Safety And Predators

Discover the Easy, fun, non-threatening way to have difficult conversations about sexual safety and predators. Parents, counselors, teachers, and other caring adults can read to children as they color situations where children learn to recognize “safe” and “not safe” touches and people.

Addressing sexual safety with children can be difficult.

The Safe Touch Book provides an easy way for adults to teach children how to avoid being victims of sexual abuse while helping them identify situations such as physicians, parents, and others whose touches are “safe.” Counselors, parents, and teachers can use the Safe Touch Coloring Book.

The book is designed for a caring adult to read to children while they color the pages. Each time the child begins to color is another opportunity to read the entire coloring book to emphasize sexual safety in a non-threatening way.

Specific safe situations such as a doctor’s appointment and diaper changes contrasted to other problems in which a child might be in danger.

The book teaches children to tell trustworthy adults – and keep telling them until they feel safe.

In addition, by using the illustration of a bathing suit to define what areas of the body are “private parts,” a child can distinguish safe, loving touches from those which are deliberately intrusive and sexual in intent from a predator.

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