Talking with Teens about Sexuality

Protecting Your Child from Predators

Critical Conversations about Social Media,
Gender Identity, Same-Sex Attraction, Pornography, Purity, Dating

by Beth Robinson and Latayne C. Scott

Talking with Teens about Sexuality Book imageSpecific Issues: Christian parents need to know how to talk to their kids about sexuality and teach Biblical values about sexuality.
When Dr. Robinson asked her freshman psychology students what today’s parents need to know about teens and sex, they said parents do not have a realistic view of the world their children live in.

A healthy sexual identity requires more than just a list of what not to do. In today’s culture of gender identity confusion, ubiquitous pornography, and #MeToo, teenagers need to know how to protect themselves as well as how to treat others.

Talking with Teens about Sexuality

Will help you understand your teen’s world and give you effective strategies in the midst of cultural pressures.

Drs. Robinson and Scott provide scientifically reliable and biblically-based information about gender fluidity, types of intimacy, online dangers, setting boundaries, and much more. Along the way, the book provides useful conversation starters and insightful guidance.

Don’t let fear keep you from engaging in vital conversations. Learn how to talk to your teen with knowledge and confidence, guiding them toward a sexually healthy future.

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