Teach Your Child Top Success Skills

Success Is A Skill

Being a great student doesn’t necessarily translate to being a successful adult. So, you’re not off the hook just because your child is doing well in school.
School is not teaching the essential things in life.

As a parent, you can make up for this oversight and still prepare your child for a successful and fulfilling life.

Teach the following skills to help your child to be successful in life.


Even a child can set goals. A child’s intentions might be to get an A on a test, earn a spot on the basketball team, or finish a long book. Learning to set an objective and develop a plan to achieve it are valuable skills for anyone of any age.


Having a goal and a plan is the natural part. Executing that plan is considerably more challenging. Help your child to put in the time each day to achieve something worthwhile. It might be studying for a big test, exercising each day, or learning how to draw animals.

Around the world, everyone from governments and business leaders and economists to parents, teachers, and pediatricians are asking the same question. What skills will our children need to succeed? Now you may think you know the answer!

Video Transcript

around the world everyone from governments and business leaders and economists to parents teachers and pediatricians are all asking the same question what skills will our children need to succeed now you may think you know the answer to the question but consider this it has been estimated that two-thirds of children today will work in jobs that don’t currently exist now what skills do you want them to have in 2016 the World Economic Forum released a list that every parent and quite honestly anyone who cares about our children’s future needs it’s a list of the 21st century skills most valued in today’s complex globalized and rapidly changing world a third of these skills are the traditional hard skills the reading writing and arithmetic that I call IQ skills more notable however are the other skills social and creative skills like creativity curiosity communication collaboration and critical thinking along with grit leadership and adaptability it is these so-called soft non cognitive and other skills that are gaining prominence in playrooms classrooms and boardrooms around the world now I feel the need to point out that calling these skills soft doesn’t do them justice and referring to them as non cognitive is just wrong given that they involve complex functioning of the brain that leaves us with other and as somebody who has spent decades translating facts and figures into practical information I can assure you that if you ever want to convince somebody that something’s really important don’t call it other so I’d like to propose that we call these other skills key skills spelled Qi now the fact that it sounds like the word key as in ke Y fits because these skills are certainly key to future success it also reflects the fact that they are the complement to the IQ skills IQ and Qi and finally the word key sometimes also pronounced has been used across cultures and centuries to represent a positive life force that you can be born with but they can also be developed and that brings us to perhaps the most important insight based on the science of early brain and child development we now know that these key skills can be developed far earlier than most people realize with 85% of brain growth thought to occur by age 3 and up to a million new neural connections forming per second it is during the first 5 years that we have a unique opportunity to more intentionally build babies brains and to assemble this toolkit of skills we know they’ll need to succeed that help you better understand why these early years are so critical I find it helpful to use the analogy of comparing the electrical wiring of the brain to that of a house it is entirely possible to rewire an old house it just always takes longer costs more and never turns out quite as good as when the wiring goes in before the walls go up with the respect to the wiring of baby’s brains caring responsive adults are that play the role as chief architects neurons don’t just connect and babies don’t just learn what they need to know all on their own unlocking children’s early learning potential is deeply dependent on social interactions which explains why cultivating the key skills involves a whole lot of talking cooing singing playing and reading books to babies with that in mind allow me to introduce you to the seven key skills the first of the key skills our me skills defined by self-afda/T just tp-coe ry, ot iu elsp-coe ryg along witfocuins anatintentiat ie otheeyworur me skills arn whad allos us tbnce ip-coe ry,fls our owh thougs I febrings anaractionn how to pur me skills intr a bongepicfutura/pepbjectivt jusy thins aboug ho sowhen telsdlwayt wee{var abous.everythine fron milpfa/T jappngs ann milpf;s crehrring to tto introdentias of chien milpfa/T joffstirlls intcorpaboress cultu sevefdar oeand businesvisntioturPeetteDruheckng forddicfceed thathwhiof the0witt centurwalls thnteng of businesme agplement the 21st centurills rring tbels thnteng oust sme agplemenrrsight anaas 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aboxts the face oe thmabetteisct that t uuhrsiallo vetlled pirewp-editionae skills artepr Schooe skillsound tyls can be developee o evers earln tdladlls can btahought tr understand othet peopby’d pepbjectis 9on nwithld7;s grain tp;shng gngee ogcomthyrs an seve everp ysinl ianults arrespositivp-editibe hiteohllssible trespeth othllp-editisn seven before tyls cae wk for wk n hon beformoHavintion p;suorlo point out thay it is tke cb fientias or me skillstandeer skills thaY fch the rmonas deftentias op-editional inmilgcience-descbceed ent lkey atwoce oe thhotg teueyworue ip-rpaboresAmectrith buren coglized around the worlallsssolutireld critical to rihave ie all pitecte oe 21st centure lifnntexg to ttYof skills whicobvi hoally/inclull asking the question yth bus morbroadally/inclulh exaboratioy curiositint qpositia/T ja and tnking ;lspporas ofrush jhrrby’s tbnbetter understanh now the worls wo7;s elined btatenonalogo the informatioAgeed han hoo pue smf any answsnrrsightout our 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Video Transcript

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