Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success | Louise Evans

I have a story to tell you from my personal life. And I was trying to build a stronger relationship with a very important person, the daughter of my partner, 20-year-old daughter. To do that, I thought, “Let’s have a great evening out, just the two girls together.” Video Transcript ▼ Translator: Hui chu Chen […]

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Teach Your Child Top Success Skills

As a parent, you can make up for this oversight and still prepare your child for a successful and fulfilling life. Teach the following skills to help your child to be successful in life. SET GOALS Even a child can set goals. A child’s intentions might be to get an A on a test, earn […]

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El Libro De Colorear Sobre El Contacto Fisico Correcto | Spanish Edition

Dr Beth Robinson

Protecting Your Child From Predators

by Beth Robinson EdD and Latayne C. Scott PhD Even good parents often underestimate the dangers their children face. Research indicates that one in four females and one in six males are sexually abused before age 18. In most cases, the enemy is not a faceless stranger; it’s someone you know and trust–a neighbor, a […]

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